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Professional Services


In a workshop, one of our friendly and experienced consultants will work with you to get DATAGERRY integrated in your environment. A workshop will be custom-designed for you and can contain the following points for example:

  • Setup of DATAGERRY
  • Defining the data model
  • Initial import of existing data
  • Integration of external systems
  • Plugin development

We have a good exchange between our consulting and development team and product management. So, consulting is also a good channel to address desired additions to our product.


For getting a good start, we provide our Admin Training course, which we can hold onsite or as a shared course at our office.

  • Setup of DATAGERRY
  • Defining Object Types
  • Best practices: a good data model
  • Initial import of data
  • Configuring Exportd
  • Plugin Development
  • Troubleshooting

Custom Development

If you need a function in DATAGERRY that does not exist yet, please contact our sales team and we will check together, how we can improve DATAGERRY to meet your requirements. All the custom features will be developed under our Open Source license and part of the public DATAGERRY release. So custom development means giving something back to our Open Source community. If you need to integrate DATAGERRY with one of your custom made systems, we can also offer the development of private plugins, which may not be part of the DATAGERRY software.

Support Contracts

If DATAGERRY is an essential part of your IT environment, it is important to have fire brigade standby, if something goes wrong. We offer the following support contracts:

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Per year



Per year

All prices are net plus the statutory VAT.