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DATAGERRY as a source for Ansible inventory

DATAGERRY is a flexible Open Source CMDB & Assetmanagement Tool, which completely leaves the definition of a data model to the user. Simply define your own object types (like servers, routers, leased lines, locations and whatever you want) in an easy to use webfrontend. With our Export API, the CMDB objects stored in DATAGERRY can be easily exported to external systems, like monitoring systems, ticket systems, configuration management, and many many more. 

DATAGERRY and Ansible

One of the integrated systems is Ansible, an open source automation tool for software provisioning, configuration management and application deployment. It works agentless and connects to remote machines via SSH. Remote machines in Ansible are configured in an inventory, which can be an INI style or YAML based configuration file. Ansible can get its inventory also dynamically from a remote source. With DATAGERRY we provide such a remote source (=dynamic inventory) for Ansible.

If you want to know, how to configure the DATAGERRY as a dynamic inventory for Ansible, follow the Step-by-Step Guide on our Community Platform.

How do I connect DATAGERRY and Ansible?

Step by Step Guide

Guide for connecting Ansible and DATAGERRY on our Community Platform


Getting Started with DATAGERRY

Questions and Answers

A configuration management database (CMDB), is a central database, which holds all informations that are required to operate an IT environment. Example informations could be parameters of servers, routers, or non-technical things like locations, service levels and many more. These informations can be exported to different management systems like monitoring, ticket or backup systems or an automation tool like Ansible. 

Your operating staff can find all the required information in the CMDB and jump into the different management systems.

Well, in fact, this is your decision 🙂

The concept of DATAGERRY is, that we do not come with predefined object types (like servers, routers, and so on). We think, that every IT environment has its own structure and with DATAGERRY, you can design the datamodel for your own in an easy to use webfrontend without programming skills.

We don’t want you to just store your assets in DATAGERRY, we want you to enable a flexible usage of your data. So, access your data with one of our powerful APIs, or trigger an event-driven synchronization with your external tools (like Monitoring, Ticket System, Config Management, etc) and use DATAGERRY as a database for automating your IT.

We love OpenSource software. DATAGERRY is free and licensed under the AGPLv3. Just download, copy, use or change it. If you need help we offer trainings, consulting, custom development and support contracts with a fair pricing policy. Do not hesitate to contact us.

At the moment, an inventory is provided via the inventory script plugin of Ansible. In the future, we are working on a native inventory plugin.

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