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There is something new: DATAGERRY!

yourCMDB is where it all started. It is an OpenSource project we wrote for managing our own IT environment. As we saw that our concept of a CMDB works for many users, we decided to make something more professional out of it. That is where DATAGERRY comes in.

DATAGERRY is based on the idea of yourCMDB, but with a lot of more usability (without stressful configuration files) a modern architecture and professional support. Of course it is OpenSource.

Migrate yourCMDB to DATAGERRY

Don't worry, we also have a setup of yourCMDB for our own IT environment which we need to migrate. So we integrated a migration tool into the last version of yourCMDB (0.15). So all you need to do, is to upgrade yourCMDB to version 0.15, create a new setup of DATAGERRY and execute the migration tool.

You can find a more detailed description and documentation in an article on our community platform.

How do I migrate yourCMDB?

Migration Guide

Migration Guide on our Community Platform

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Get the last yourCMDB version on Github for migration!

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